Welcome to Languages for Kids and Adults!

Our language books contain hundreds of whimsical illustrations and activities to facilitate and enhance the learning and teaching of all the basic subjects from beginner level to advanced Spanish and French.

Languages for Kids and Adults foreign language activity books make the experience of learning or teaching French and/or Spanish fun at the same time as being effective for the student and the teacher.

Our language books were specifically designed to make learning a language an enjoyable experience. Students will participate in entertaining activities and games, and learn to speak and read French and Spanish in a stress free manner.

All of our books are proudly printed in the U.S.A.!


Students enjoy doing the activities and playing the games which are all enhanced by our playful and detailed illustrations. Students learn how to actively communicate with each other in the foreign language.

Our activity and game books are very popular in elementary, middle and high school curriculum. Our books may be used to enhance the curriculum or be used as a core curriculum.


Our activity books are also used in many adult classes by students who want to learn the language for travel or to enhance their career advancement by learning a foreign language.

Many adults who have utilized our books find them to be much more efficient in learning the language because they are not overwhelmed by too much text. This encourages the student to speak and communicate with the aid of pictures and fun activities.